By implanting the RF chips into kids’ clothing, IDs, back packs… give us the capability to monitor, track, authorize or prevent any kind of activities that your school needs. It is a solution that gives us the option to monitor all kinds of school activities. Starting form attendance reporting for students and the staff, student tracking in or out the school, preventing unauthorized entrance, secure accessing, borrowing books in school library, using copy machines and scanners, buying items at a school canteen and shop, signing in and out, parents can summon their kids by using their cards or on-car tags on the main gate…

It is the right solution for many problems, especially in big schools or universities. Parents can access the students’ data and track through a website or a mobile phone…

RF chips can be implanted in eCard (for universities), Bracelets, IDs, back packs, school badges on clothing… basically in anything.


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